Metis Neurotec

On the 21st of October, we attended the BadenCampus Startup Accelerator Alumni Day with over 50 other founders. Here, both present and alumni founders of startups within the Accelerator Program gathered at the Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus AG in Grafenhausen.

The program at the event included an input from Kristof Schimmele, General Sales Manager of Rothaus, who gave an insight into the traditional company and was afterwards available for Q&A. In addition, Kai Klapdor, CEO of Enit Systems, spoke about “Fundraising from the perspective of a startup” and his own insights and experiences. We founders and startups could benefit from this. Afterwards, a brewery tour with beer tasting and a shared dinner took place. This created a framework for exchanging experiences with other founders, which was very valuable for us. We had very interesting conversations and were able to exchange ideas with both already established and new startups alike.

We would like to thank BadenCampus and the der Badischen Staatsbrauerei Rothaus AG for the event and the opportunity to exchange ideas with other startups!

Source of Content: BadenCampus & Recyda GmbH

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