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Only 20-50% of all dementia cases are
detected - worldwide!

However, almost 90% of all physicians and patients surveyed call for early diagnosis in order to be able to respond to associated changes in care and everyday life. Early detection goes hand in hand with recent studies which show, that one third of all dementias can be prevented, influenced positively by timely treatment of specific risk factors.

The Solution?
Our Product!

Our AI-based platform enables physicians to quickly identify and objectively evaluate risk factors for neurodegenerative disorders in an outpatient setting!
Thus, neurological disorders can be detected and treated early.

How it works:

How it works:

First signs of dementia are transmitted via wearable sensor technology such as fitness trackers and EEG devices to the METIS-app.

The data is evaluated and translated
into treatment measures with the help of artificial intelligence.

Constant data recording continuously monitors the patient’s condition and the success of the treatment.

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