Metis Neurotec


Team Introduction: Markus Schinle

Markus Schinle Markus Schinle has an excellent academic record. His studies focused on the development of information systems, technology management and entrepreneurship and led to a  M. Sc. degree in Information Engineering and Management at


Team Introduction: Simon Stock

Simon Stock Simon Stock is doing his PhD at KIT-ITIV  under supervision of Prof. Stork in the field of AI-supported medical technology using brain-computer interfaces. He started a research collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of


Team Introduction: Marius Gerdes

Marius Gerdes Marius Gerdes most recently completed his M. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at the KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. He gained experience abroad early on through a nine-year stay in Norway. He decided to


METIS Neurotec

Together against neurological diseases.

METIS was called into existence by funding from the Helmholtz Association in 2021.
Located in Karlsruhe, Germany, METIS aims to transfer deep tech to the field of dementia treatment and digital healthcare.

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