Metis Neurotec

Worldwide, only 20-50% of all dementia cases are detected. Yet almost 90% of all physicians and patients surveyed call for early diagnosis in order to be able to respond to associated changes in care and everyday life. One-third of these dementias can be prevented, or the course positively influenced by timely treatment of specific risk factors, thus significantly increasing the patients’ autonomy.

Briefly about ALFREDO

AI-based platform for outpatient early detection and individualized treatment of dementia

The project, funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs of Baden-W├╝rttemberg, provides an excellent environment in the research field of telemedicine and health care research to design, develop and validate different tools in the context of the advancing digitalization in gerontological medicine.

The insights generated in this project also shape our further requirements for the system. We are pleased about ALFREDO, as well as all the research funding of comparable projects. We are excited about the results that will pave the way for projects like Metis Neurotec.

Our goal is to provide a fully comprehensive outpatient treatment approach. This way, dementia can be treated in a targeted manner by addressing risk factors and can be made accessible to a large number of people in a very structured way. In this context, Metis Neurotec accompanies professionals and patients from diagnosis to treatment. Through our AI-supported platform for risk factor treatment, physicians can quickly and on an outpatient basis, detect cognitive performance impairments in patients, for example, to detect Alzheimer’s disease at an early stage and treat it in a tailored manner.

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