Metis Neurotec

On October 20, we had the opportunity to present our progress since the beginning of 2021 to reviewers of the Helmholtz Enterprise Program as part of our interim evaluation. We presented our achievements and plans for the future of Metis Neurotec. Thereby, we were able to convince the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers to continue funding us in the Helmholtz Enterprise Spin-Off Program.

Briefly about Helmholtz Enterprise:
“The Helmholtz Enterprise (HE) spin-off program promotes entrepreneurship and spin-off activities of scientists in the Helmholtz community. Since the establishment of Helmholtz Enterprise in 2005, 167 start-up projects (including HE Plus and FSF) have benefited from the initiative. Of these, more than 95 projects have been successfully founded, 83 percent of which are still operating in the market today.” – Helmholtz Enterprise

We have achieved a lot as the startup Metis Neurotec in the past six months:
  • We have made progress in our AI-powered platform for the treatment of neurological diseases.
  • We have been accepted into the @AHEAD Accelerator program of the @Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
  • We have a platform to network with other startups through BadenCampus
  • We are strong in network building with key individuals and organizations for our startup
  • We empirically support our work throughsurveys and interviews with stakeholders and future customers
  • We have undertaken successful field trials for technical validation
  • We have secured our continued funding
  • We are taking business and scientific advice to build the startup competently

We as Metis Neurotec still have a lot to do and are continuously building our startup thanks to the Helmholtz Enterprise Program.

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