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We were interviewed by the KIT magazine “NEULAND” about our startup Metis Neurotec. In the magazine you can now read what makes our startup so special and which approaches we envision in our treatment concept against dementia.

The symptoms of dementia are painful – for everyone affected. Sooner or later, the increasing mental and physical limitations mean that patients are no longer able to lead independent lives and are dependent on time-consuming and high-cost assistance. Therefore, the disease is also a great burden for relatives.

Our Goal
Optimal treatment planning after diagnosis by the doctor using a digital, AI-supported concept.

The course of dementia is complex, there are different forms with countless risk factors and symptoms. We are developing a fully comprehensive system that records and validates risk factors and treatment approaches. The heart of our AI-powered treatment approach is the METIS app. Accessible via smartphone, it is complemented by wearable sensor technology such as fitness trackers and an EEG device. This allows the patient’s risk levels to be recorded and collected in the app using artificial intelligence, evaluated and automatically transferred into treatment measures. In this way, the course of dementia can be greatly influenced, especially in the early stages, by individual treatment of reversible risk factors such as unhealthy sleep, smoking or lack of social contact, and the progression of dementia can thus be reduced.

Our Engagement Strategy
App on prescription: METIS app in combination with wearable sensor technology.

As a team, we are currently preparing the foundation. Our solution is attracting widespread interest from university clinics, to health insurance companies, to the German Alzheimer Society. The app is currently being tested by pilot patients and further developed. In the medium to long term, we would like to launch the ‘app on prescription’ as a medical product and thus support neurologists, general practitioners and health insurers. In order to obtain approval as a medical product, we are working intensively on the regulations for digital health apps. Now the next important steps towards approval include a clinical trial and certification according to the requirements of the European Medical Device Regulation.

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