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METIS at the 3rd Japanese-German-French AI Symposium in Tokyo

At the 3rd trilateral Japanese-French-German Symposium on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Tokyo, experts from academia, industry, and policy-making gathered to discuss measures for tackling planetary challenges and realizing a sustainable society. Dr. Simon Stock from METIS spoke about AI in Health and the challenges of moving from research to industry. He explained the complexity of getting medical data and using AI for real-world medical applications. He spoke at the Session “AI for health”, which focused on how AI technology can be used to “ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages,” as outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. Dr. Simon Stock also pitched METIS at the plenary session “AI shooting stars” together with other promising AI-enabled startups from all participating countries. METIS received positive feedback about their AI-enabled risk factor intervention for dementia patients. Especially Japan is an interesting market for METIS, as it has the eldest population worldwide. Also, dementia is on the rise in Japan. We can already today learn a lot about aging from Japan’s society. Also, France faces the same challenges from demographic change. Hence, the goal of Metis is to further pursue international collaborations with those countries in order to learn about dementia and possible interventions.

Image source: Copyright: DWIH Tokyo / Shimazu
Image source: Copyright: DWIH Tokyo / Shimazu

300 participants were on site in Tokyo, while 400 joined the live stream online. The symposium was a great success in raising awareness about AI and its potential to improve our lives.

METIS Neurotec

Zusammen gegen neurologische Krankheiten.

METIS wurde 2021 durch eine Förderung der Hemholtz-Gemeinschaft ins Leben gerufen. Das in Karlsruhe angesiedelte METIS hat das Ziel, Deep Tech auf den Bereich der Demenzbehandlung und der digitalen Gesundheitsversorgung zu transferieren.

METIS Neurotec

Together against neurological diseases.

METIS was called into existence by funding from the Hemholtz Association in 2021.
Located in Karlsruhe, Germany, METIS aims to transfer deep tech to the field of dementia treatment und digital healthcare.

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